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Jennifer Stauss - Communications Coordinator


Jennifer shares the Communications Coordinator at First Presbyterian. Originally from Loves Park, Illinois, she and her husband Craig moved to Clinton in 1990. They have two children, Samantha and Tyler.

When not working, Jennifer enjoys attending her kids’ many sporting events, camping, gardening, reading and scrapbooking. She and her family are longtime members of First Presbyterian, where she also serves as Co-Treasurer.


Amy DuCharme - Communications Coordinator


Amy shares the Communications Coordinator position at First Presbyterian. Originally from Waukesha, she moved to Clinton in 2008 and married her husband Luke (who she met at the Police Academy) on Halloween 2009. They welcomed their first daughter together, Allison Grace, on August 8, 2010.  Allie joined Zach and Nathan, Amy’s step sons. 

Amy graduated with a BS in Criminology from Florida State University and an RN from Saint Anthony’s in Rockford. In addition to her work as First Pres’s Communications Coordinator, Amy works as an RN at Saint Anthony Hospital. She is also a licensed EMT and volunteers as an EMT in Clinton. When not hard at work, she enjoys playing sports (basketball, softball and stoopball), reading, and fishing.  Her favorite movies are those in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.  Some of her favorite days are spent with the family up north on the lake.

312 Church Street Clinton, Wi | 608.676.5400