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Kennedy Mumm - Communications Coordinator

firstpresclinton@gmail.com / (608) 676-5400

Kennedy is the Communications Coordinator at First Presbyterian. Originally from Clinton, WI, she graduated from Clinton High School in 2020. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work at Grand Canyon University.

When not working, Kennedy enjoys hiking, spending time with friends, playing with her dogs, and reading. Kennedy and her family are longtime members of First Presbyterian.

Kimberly Bates - Custodian


Kim has been a member of First Pres since 1980. She loves teaching Sunday School, VBS, and doing all things related to the children of our church

Kim moved away from the Wisconsin area in 2003. Knowing that her church family would accept her back into her church in 2018, she went right back to her mission.

Being an Elder in the Church is a wonderful experience. After serving on session for her term of 3 years, she is now on the Deacon’s committee; let the fun begin! Her greatest pleasure is to keep busy with helping others.

Kim loves doing any kind of craft projects...Give her an idea and she is sure to make it work! She is very fond of putting together flower arrangements for all occasions as well as decorating the church.

Rebecca White Newgren - Transitional Pastor

pastorfirstpresclinton@gmail.com / (608) 285-2143

Rev. Rebecca White Newgren joined us in March of 2023 as our Transitional Pastor. Rebecca was the pastor of SecodFirst Church in Rockford for 7 years during a time of missional outreach. Before that she spent 8 years in Philadelphia doing multicultural new church development work, where she also started a preschool. She lives with her spouse and their three children in an old Victorian home in downtown Rockford. She loves adventuring outside and having coffee/tea with new friends.


312 Church Street Clinton, Wi | 608.676.5400