As in most Presbyterian churches, First Presbyterian is led by three groups: elders, deacons, and our staff. Staff profiles and contact information can be found here.


Our church Session (governing board) is composed of eleven Ruling Elders and one Teaching Elder. The Ruling Elders guide and nurture the church in the worship and wisdom of God, make decisions regarding money and property, and provide for the teaching ministry of the church. Our Teaching Elder is our pastor. She leads the teaching ministries of the church, including worship and preaching, public witness, and pastoral visitation.

Each Elder uses his or her gifts to help encourage and inspire the work of the church, and each is responsible for a different area of ministry.

Jodi Burton Clerk of Session

Debbie DuCharme Chair Personnel Committee, Worship Committee & Memorial Committee

Angel Kohls Chair Fellowship Committee & Co-Chair Christian Ed (Children & Youth) Committee

Melanie Stevens Chair Mission & Evangelism Committee

Craig Stauss Chair Buildings & Grounds Committee

Kelli Bell Chair Christian Ed (Adult) Committee & Nominating Committee

Jeff Johnson Chair Christian Ed (Children & Youth) Committee

Al Wiedmer Chair Finance & Stewardship Committee


Our Deacons are the “caring arm” of our church. The Deacons nurture the congregation by providing fellowship, relational ministry, and pastoral care. They make home and hospital visits to the sick and lonely, assist in preparing the sacraments, and care for our youth and children.

Each Deacon uses his or her gifts to help encourage and inspire the work of the church, and to care for its members.

Betty Kohls

Jeoff Stevens

Kris Duhr - Email Prayer Ministry Coordinator

Barb Shull

Stephanie Anderson

Michael Parylak

Kathy Grzenia

Wendy Korth

Marlene Johnson

If you have prayer requests that you’d like to share with our church, feel free to email Kris at 1stpresprayerchain@gmail.com.

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